Bill 168

An important mandate for organizations is to make everyone aware of the expectations, reporting protocols, and assessment requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act’s Bill 168, Workplace Violence and Harassment.  This information is readily available on-line however the confusion surrounding the translation of it can be overwhelming.  Because our expertise lies in facilitating practical applications, we work with leaders and staff and show them how to apply the WVH information confidently thereby alleviating the apprehension of dealing with these uncomfortable situations. 

The biggest areas of concern for most people are:

  • Understanding  how to properly assess and identify WVH behaviours  in ourselves and others
  • Responding to complaints and second hand information – especially from an unreliable source
  • Managing the workplace culture through investigations without causing gossip and fear mongering
  • Promoting accountability for behaviours regardless of intent or “didn’t mean anything by it” attitudes